Cleanup abas ERP folders

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As I cleanup my Mercurial SCM repositories, I found some snippets and gems I have used working as an abas ERP consultant. Each snippet has its purpose and keeps your system clean.

Temporary folder

This janitor shell script deletes all files in the abas ERP tmp folder, that are older than 3 months.

cd /abas
find */tmp -mtime +90 -type f -delete


Infosystems are extensions that can be exported and imported into various abas systems. If you import an Infosystem, the import definitions are not deleted automatically. This snippet deletes the import definition and keeps your import dialog clean. If you don’t do that, the import dialog will still list the imported infosystem as an entry.

# change to root directory of abas ERP
cd /abas/
find */isrein -name "IS*" -type f -delete
# mask definitions
find */isrein -name "mask.*" -type f -delete

If you are using Jasper Reports for PDF generation and printing, the output files are generated in the output folder. This snippets deletes all print output older than 7 days.

cd /abas
find */jasper/output -mtime +7 -type f -delete
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