Backup and restore Kibana 4 objects

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Used:   kibana 4.1 

This post explains the backup of Kibana 4.1 objects and how to restore them.

Kibana 4 has the basic concept

  • you define a search
  • based on the search you create a visualisation
  • visualisation can be combined into a dashboard

In this order for backup you need to export and import the objects. Kibana 4 offers under SettingsObjects for each object type the export functionality. Assume you have multiple environments like:

  • development
  • integration/staging
  • pre-production
  • production

If the dashboard, visualisations and searches only differ in the environment name, you can export the Kibana objects for one environment. The output has a JSON format. You can just simply search and replace the environment variable and import for each environment a clone dashboard.

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