Hiking at Mount Niesen

About Me

I'm Tan-Vinh Nguyen. This is my personal space and website. It has only inspirational and informational purposes. It helps me process my experiences in my working field. I live in Switzerland and enjoy hiking in the mountains. I love music of any kind, e.g. Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine and many more. I tinker a lot with Raspberry Pi's if I have the time.

My Work

I work as an IT professional for the finance sector. I like Open Source. I work currently as an Application Engineer in an Architecture Team. We do evaluate technology, concepts and best practices. Mostly we enable and empower our application developers to accomplish their missions.

My Skill Set

Java Development
Big Data

Skill Tree

Most people asking me what I do for living. Mostly making complex stuff easy. I made a skill tree illustration for that.

Skill Tree of Tan-Vinh Nguyen

Go Your Own Way

  • I started as a Java Developer to see the beauty of robust designs.
    • A significant impact was test driven development made possible by JUnit.
    • OSGi is my favourite framework.
    • I love Data Structures and Design Patterns if they save me from maintenance hell.
    • I love Clean Code and Self Directed Work.
  • Software Engineering and Architecture are major vital disciplines to build robust systems.
    • I work mostly with Docker containers, cause there are reliable in every environment and keep my host systems clean.
    • Docker enables a manageable way for deployment and to scale out.
    • A high available system is excellent. A reactive system is my ultimate mission.
    • Reactive Systems are more flexible, loosely-coupled and scalable.
  • I love Data.
    • I am convinced that Apache Kafka is the data backbone of every good IT infrastructure.
    • Elasticsearch is crucial and straightforward for efficient search. Especially with valuable data.