A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Reset SonarQube Admin User Password

Start root access to mysql database

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Remove field from Elasticsearch document

Lets assume you have some unwanted field in a document. In my case this is an error field from a pipeline.

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Update Documents By Query

I got a use case, where I needed to grok some text. Therefore I created this exemplary pipeline.

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Add automatic timestamp to new documents

In the past Elasticsearch could add automatically a timestamp field. Since Elasticsearch 5.x I have to use a pipeline to ingest that timestamp field to the document. As a major change the internal `` value has also changed.

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Setup letschat with docker containers

Having chat rooms for specific topics or projects have become quite popular. IMHO it is a nice addon for development and deployment lifecycle management. HipChat or Slack are some popular providers. If you want to have an internal chat system, letschat is a quick way to accomplish that. It has some flaws, debugging LDAP was a horror, but basically is good enough in its vanilla state. Take as it is and its free (MIT License). We use it currently for receiving notifications from our continuous integration system.

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Convert SSL certificates to different formats

OpenSSL provides the capability to read and output in various formats.

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HTTPS monitoring with Heartbeat

Heartbeat is still beta, but is worth a try. If you have an external REST endpoint and you need a history to check if the endpoint is available, heartbeat is one eligible solution.

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Reindex Subset Data in Elasticsearch

The Elasticsearch Reindex API is a powerful way to index a subset of data from existing data. If you think of a long term statistics solution, you can aggregate data and store the aggregated values instead the atomic details. In my company we have an index that contains approximately 150 fields in each document. For a longterm solution only 30 are relevant. The Reindex API can just fetch the 30 desired fields and store them in a new index.

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Elasticsearch Range Query

An accident in the Elasticsearch universe. Instead writing to an daily index it was index to a yearly index. Now I had to check the date range of the documents. The Elasticsearch Date Math is a great help for the Range Query.

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