A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Create a self signed certificate with openssl

Running Kibana with SSL requires a certificate. One way is to use a self signed certificate.

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Docker behind proxy with CNTLM

Docker on windows in a corporate environment is behind a proxy. Therefore I use CNTLM for a proxy authentication. This post demonstrate how to remove the default vm (virtualbox image) and create one with CNTLM as proxy. All commands were executed on the windows command prompt.

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View stdout of docker container


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Start bash in docker container

Replace id and there you go:

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Check used files of process

I have to work recently with a Fraud Prevention and Detection solution and needed to check in the enormous configuration which resources are used.

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Resolve multiline grokparsefailure with regex

On a daily logrotate I have noticed that one of my monitored applications is doing a multiline input, but due to a misconfiguration in logstash, the grokparsefailure appears. I just want to leave the message as it is. Therefore logstash provides event dependent configuration capabilities with regular expression comparisons.

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testdisk saved my data from a sd-card

TestDisk is free data recovery software. I got serious problems with my 16 GB SDXC card. It was formatted with ext3 and the superblock was corrupt.

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Replace NaN values with zero

In logstash some grokked fields in messages, that suppose to be numeric, flying in with “NaN” (Not a Number). You can convert them with the mutate filter plugin.

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Debug filebeat

Starting with filebeat can be troublesome, if a misconfiguration exists or he is not sending the logs to logstash or elasticsearch. To analyse that start filebeat in debug mode filebeat -e -v -d '*'.

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