A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

No protocol specified in Evince

The evince pdf viewer under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS didn’t work anymore, after I have moved my home directory from /home to /data/home

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Enable and disable Elasticsearch cluster shard allocation

There will come a time when you need to perform a rolling restart of your cluster—keeping the cluster online and operational, but taking nodes offline one at a time. .. By nature, Elasticsearch wants your data to be fully replicated and evenly balanced. If you shut down a single node for maintenance, the cluster will immediately recognize the loss of a node and begin rebalancing.

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Migrate /tmp to RAM storage

To migrate your /tmp directory into RAM storage you can alter the /etc/fstab.

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Check supported algorithms in OpenSSH

I have to prepare some file transfers within the company. The administrator was talking about mandatory cipher suites aes128-cbc and aes256-cbc. Basically I rely on OpenSSH and don’t dig so deep into the details, but never hurts to check if my running systems comply with above requirements.

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Delete Elasticsearch index-name with special characters

If you working with logstash and set the index name dynamically from variables, you might run into situations where the variable is not substituted due to errors. You can get rid of this bad indices by deleting them with the REST API of elasticsearch. The challenge lies in escaping the special characters.

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Elasticsearch Reporter for Dropwizard Metrics

This post describes how to export Dropwizard Metrics to elasticsearch. Instead of using logstash to parse application log files, the metrics can be exported directly within any Java application. This plugin is maintained by elastic.co.

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Copy contents of Java Keystore to another Keystore

Copy all certificates from one keystore to the keystore of the current Java installation. You can use the keytool and srckeystore (source keystore) and destkeystore (destination keystore).

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Reduce boilerplate code with Lombok

On the Javaland Conference 2016 I visited an interesting presentation about RESTful Hypermedia APIs by Kai Tödter. A really refreshing and pragmatic view how to benefit from Hypermedia. An additional insight was the Project Lombok.

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Using proxy within Java for HTTP or HTTPS connection

This post list all essential property names for using HTTP or HTTPS connections in Java. For a more detailed explanation, visit the Java Networking and Proxies Documentation.

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