A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

A hidden Kibana Gem - Static Lookup

Kibana v6.4.0 is released. There are major improvements and enhancements. Under all these enhancements, a hidden gem and long-awaited feature is finally available: the Static Lookup Field Formatter.

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Tuning Elasticsearch

Tuning Elasticsearch is an advanced topic, that attending in an Elasticsearch Engineer Training by elastic is pretty simple to understand. The usual answer is always: It depends. I summarise my notes and findings on this. Consider there is always a lot more to it. The training covers it all. It is undoubtedly worth to attend. Education is important ;-). Roughly it is about Elasticsearch Internals (Apache Lucene under the hood), Capacity Planning and smart choices/anticipation.

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Setup SSH agent for macOS High Sierra

Add to your ~/.ssh/config the option for every host.

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Hello Webservice (JAX-WS) with JBoss EAP 7.1

A quick example of JAX-WS with JBoss EAP 7.1.

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Backup Elasticsearch Index with Logstash

Index data in Elasticsearch can be easily exported in json encoded text with Logstash.

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Using Aggregations with the Java Rest Client for Elasticsearch

The aggregations framework helps provide aggregated data based on a search query. Using aggregations on my audit data gives me insight who used my Elasticsearch cluster at what time. This post demonstrates how to translate the Elasticsearch Query DSL into the respective Java Objects of Elastic Java Rest Client.

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Encrypted Communication with the Elasticsearch Java Rest Client

Elasticsearch with the X-Pack extensions allows you to secure the communication with your Elasticsearch cluster. This post elaborates what actions are needed, to use secure encrypted communication from a Java Rest Client with the encrypted Elasticsearch cluster.

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Increase Elasticsearch Pool Size

Elasticsearch has common thread defaults for bulk requests. If you need to tune or gap certain problems, you can change the thread and thread pool size settings in elasticsearch.yml. In general it is not recommended to tweak anything! Use it at your own risk!

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Cardinality Aggregations in Elasticsearch

This post demonstrates the usage of the Cardinality feature.

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